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Simple Solutions

Abstract Awards and Trophies...

  Ingenious, abstract, free-form…However you want to describe this style of award, you can be guaranteed they will be a talking point. Particularly popular for team building events, they are made in stainless steel and resin.

Prices below based on a quantity of 10+. Please contact us for pricing on lower quantities.
Engraving : £5 each Origination : £40 per order. Subject to sight of artwork

To order call 01789 450005 or Email
Balance Duet
Balance Solo
FT5000L Balance (H 425mm) £400
DFTT037S Balance Duet -
Small (H 290mm) £200
DFTT036S Balance Solo (H 300mm) £150
AFTR003S Bestow (H 380mm) £145
FT4911S Dexterity (H 265mm) £130
AFTR020M Envision (H 240 mm) £110
AFTR025M Escalade (H 390mm) £110
FT7108M Revelation (H 395mm) £210
Wrap Stars
AFTR017M Expression (H 330mm) £115
AFTR048M Imbalance - medium £120
DFTT188M Merger (H 330mm) £175
FT4802M Wrap Stars (H 255mm) £120
Sterling Zenith
FT4903M Sterling Zenith (H 380mm) £175
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