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Our in-house manufacturing facility for making aluminium awards includes the latest cutting-edge waterjet and CNC technology, which allows us to cut, pierce and turn aluminium into almost any shape. The resulting awards can then be customised, with either laser engraving or colour printing, to reflect the theme of your event or corporate image. The end results are stunning, and often exceed our customers' expectations.

Prices below based on a quantity of 10+. Please contact us for pricing on lower quantities.
Engraving : £5 each Origination : £40 per order. Subject to sight of artwork
For full colour printing please contact us for a quotation.

To order call 01789 450005 or Email award@efx.co.uk

E-SPE01 Spear E-RBL02 Rectangular Block E-RBT02 Tall Rectangular Block E-RBB02 Rectangular Block E-CIR01 Circular with Base

E-SPE01 Spear
Size 60mm dia x 245mm
£150 each

E-RBL02 Rectangular Block
Size 150 x 200 x 25mm (approx)
£85 each
E-RBT02 Tall Rectangular Block
with Base
Size 120 x 240 x 65mm (approx)
£85 each
E-RBB02 Rectangular Block
with base

Size 150 x 150 x 65mm (approx)
85 each
E-CIR01 Circular with Base
Size 130 x 145 x 65mm (approx)
£85 each
E-POL01 Polo Award E-PEA01 Peak Award E-OVA01 Oval Award E-FLA01 Flag Award
E-POL01 Polo Award
Size 110mm x 150mm
£85 each
E-PEA01 Peak Award
with wood base
Size 250mm x 125mm
£85 each
E-OVA01 Oval Award
with wood base
Size 195mm x 125mm
£85 each
E-FLA01 Flag Award
with wood base
Size 200mm x 165mm
£85 each
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