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Simple Solutions

Acrylic Awards and Trophies.... EFX Simple Solutions

  Supplied in red, blue or clear acrylic with metal bases, these acrylic awards are available in standard designs, many of which come in three sizes, which is ideal for recognising three levels of achievement.

Prices below based on a quantity of 10+. Please contact us for pricing on lower quantities.
Engraving : £5 each Origination : £40 per order. Subject to sight of artwork

To order call 01789 450005 or Email award@efx.co.uk
Dhow Award Ocean Sail Award Indigo Drive Indigo Wing
7321A Dhow Award 220mm H £41
7321B Dhow Award 240mm H £46
7321C Dhow Award 260mm H £52
7323A Ocean Sail Award 200mm H £40
7323B Ocean Sail Award 230mm H £48
7323C Ocean Sail Award 260mm H £54
7301A Indigo Drive 220mm £39
7301B Indigo Drive 270mm £49
7301C Indigo Drive 310mm £59
7309A Indigo Wing 220mm £45
7309B Indigo Wing 245mm £50
7309C Indigo Wing 275mm £57
Indigo Rosedale Indigo Peak Yin & Yang Triangle Award
7310 Indigo Rosedale 270mm £48 7302A Indigo Peak 220mm £39
7302B Indigo Peak 250mm £43
7302C Indigo Peak 270mm £48
7313A Yin & Yang 170mm £45
7313B Yin & Yang 190mm £56
7313C Yin & Yang 210mm £63
7325 Triangle Award 175mm H £49
Emerald Hook Award Emerald Wing Fire Wing Fire Diamond Award
73403B Emerald Hook Award 220mm H £82 73402A Emerald Wing 220mm H £50
73402B Emerald Wing 255mm H £58
73402C Emerald Wing 285mm H £69
7339A Fire Wing 220mm £45
7339B Fire Wing 245mm £50
7339C Fire Wing 275mm £57
7338 Fire Diamond Award 220mm H £44
Rosedale Fire 270mm Fire Drive Award Fire Peak Fire Circle
7330 Rosedale Fire 270mm £48 7331A Fire Drive 220mm £39
7331B Fire Drive 270mm £49
7331C Fire Drive 310mm £59
7332A Fire Peak 220mm £39
7332B Fire Peak 250mm £43
7332C Fire Peak 270mm £48
7333A Fire Circle 170mm £45
7333B Fire Circle 190mm £56
7333C Fire Circle 210mm £63
Pyramid with oval metal base
Sail with domed metal base
Metal Round
Wing with oval metal base
7431A Pyramid with oval metal base
180mm £55
7431B Pyramid with oval metal base
200mm £58
7431C Pyramid with oval metal base
230mm £64
7432A Sail with domed metal base
210mm £66
7432B Sail with domed metal base
230mm £70
7432C Sail with domed metal base
250mm £75
7438A Metal Round 160mm £64
7438B Metal Round 170mm £68
7438C Metal Round 180mm £75
7430A Wing with oval metal base
210mm £57
7430B Wing with oval metal base
230mm £60
7430C Wing with oval metal base
250mm £64
Silver Wing Metal Catalina Metal Drive
7427A Silver Wing 210mm £60.00
7427B Silver Wing 230mm £64.00
7427C Silver Wing 250mm £68.00
7437 Metal Catalina 230mm £79.00 7423 Metal Drive 220mm H £55 7422A Metal Lightning Award 185mm £55
7422B Metal Lightning Award 215mm £61
7422C Metal Lightning Award 245mm £70
Triple Flame Award Chalcee Award Torus Award Acrylic Jigsaw Award
7465 Triple Flame Award 210mm £66 7406 Chalcee Award £57 7405 Torus Award £55 7489 Acrylic Jigsaw Award £59.00
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