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  Frequently, people are the key to success for many organisations and in the world of sport and entertainment it is individuals and teams of people who become the stars, celebrated for their endeavours and outstanding talents. Trophies and awards which celebrate the human formare always well-received and can be powerful in the message they communicate.

Special EFX designs and manufactures human form awards in a wide variety of materials, transforming what often are simply two-dimensional concepts into three dimensional, prestigious trophies. Manufactured in a variety of materials from pierced metal to art crystal, resin to layered acrylic, the human form offers endless scope for creating dynamic awards that have both impact and far-reaching appeal.

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Alpha Heroes Autosport Gramophone Award Coca-Cola Award
Heroes Award
Autosport Award
Lady with Lyre Award
Coca-Cola Award
Clothese Show Hair
BlackRock Award
Clothes Show Style Food Processing
Clothes Show Hair Awards
Clothes Show Style Award
Man with Star Award
  BlackRock Award    
Headline Money
Irish News
The Greatest Award
Faces Award
Little Man Award
Tradepro Award
Jamiroquai Laurel Head Lifesearch Award Lips
Jamiroquai Award Laurel Award Eye Award Lips Award
Media Week Mend BSB Comic Relief
Media Week Award
Mend Award Champions Award Comic Relief Award
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