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High quality and prominently branded business awards are important marketing and recognition tools in the world of finance and industry. Outstanding endeavour and success are two key attributes which are regularly celebrated with the presentation of personalised business trophies, financial tombstones, business plaques and the like. EFX designs and manufactures for companies and organisations, both large and small, many of whom choose to work with us on a confidential basis.

The inspiration behind the designs for such business awards is varied and depends on the particular corporate occasion, event and budget. EFX is acclaimed for creating innovative and contemporary designs which reflect the profile of the clients’ brands and corporate standing.

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BMW Business Award British Small Business HSBC Credit Today Awards
Business Manager Award Small Business Award Coil Award Credit Today Award
e-commerce Awards Employee Benefits Future Publishing Growing Business
e-commerce Award Employee Award China Business Award Growing Business Award
Headline Money Award Headline Money Cheshire Business Award Internet Business Award
Headline Award Keyboard Award Cheshire Business Award Internet Business
Macworld Award Mercedes Merrill Lynch Mortgage Strategy
Macworld Award Mercedes Award Bull Award Ingot Award
Mortage Award NCSA Mouse Award Percentage
Mortage Award NCSA Award Mouse Award Percentage Award
HFM Award Pound Award Pyramid Award Marketing Award
HFM Award Pound Sign Award Pyramid Award Marketing Award
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