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Some of the most admired awards and trophies can be the simplest and yet most stylish of concepts. The EFX studio is skilled at creating alpha-numeric awards, designed around company names, acronyms and noteworthy numbers.

Working in a variety of materials, including mirror finish nickel plated aluminium, boldly printed acrylics and sustainable wood, EFX is able to accurately replicate exact logos, fonts and graphic styles, turning them into memorable three-dimensional trophies.

Bespoke alpha-numeric trophies and plaques are particularly popular for events celebrating an important anniversary, where the key number becomes the design feature and is then embellished and personalised for maximum impact

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30 50 Best Awards IOD Crown A
30 Award
50 Best Award
IOD Award
A Award
Google BCI B Green Award B Award
Google Award BCI Award B Award B Award
Go Award Double 'e' Award Double 'e' Award Event Award
Go Award Double 'e' Award with orange acrylic Double 'e' Award Event Award - Sponsored by EFX
G Award Autocar EBLA Glamour
G Award Autocar Award RAD Award Glamour Award
GQ HSJ ic 442
GQ10 Award HSJ Award iC Award FourFourTwo Award
Passion PCF PR Week Revolution
Passion Award PCF Award PR Week Award
Revolution Award
Style Award
Mega Wolseley
SEA Award
Style Award
Mega Award
1,920,000,000 Award
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